Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a good car conversation

During a trip to the woods to go swimming with a friend (which consisted of stopping at an ice cream place, sitting in the sun, and driving back home), I enjoyed a high-energy conversation about The Help and my decision to write and how to think about next steps forward. In other words, if "The Help is a disconcerting tale about an anguished struggle within whiteness itself", what are some good next steps?

I've seen a few great pieces emphasizing Hollywood, filmmaking and the need to support and promote black women's art. Yes.

I think, though, that there is an opportunity here for white women to engage more seriously (or at all) with the trick that we pull when we buy into this fantasy. As I said to my friend tonight, I don't quite know what this means beyond individual work. But it has to mean something, right?

I thought by now, folks, that I would have another insightful post to post. But I have very little. More marinating time needed; I will soak up for a few days and see what I can come up with.

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